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  • Aetherhole
    Mar 15, 04:40 PM
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    Well I got to see Mystikal and Hasan Daddy get theirs after my failed attempt at Irvine spectrum. I was the Asian guy with the buzz cut hair. Unfortunately I got to Fashion Island to late. Congrats to you two!

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 13, 02:38 PM
    If true, it could be absolutely huge. Truly landmark. Imagine if Apple could somehow do the the TV industry what they did to nearly every other industry (segment) they're in?

    The possibilities are pretty astounding. This is the Apple of folks. They have the money, drive, talent and momentum to get into any market and shake things up with a very good chance of success, and make the established players look totally flat-footed in the process.

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  • OdduWon
    Jul 21, 03:42 PM
    this microcrap "zuno" thing looks like it's made from cheap plastic, you know the kind that dell moniters use where the "silver" color wears off the buttons shockingly fast. also maybe they should redesign their media player software to look like they player design that they pick. that would help the integrated feel their shooting for.

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  • vong
    Feb 1, 08:24 AM
    spent about $250 on clothes in the month of january... latest clothes purchase:

    Items Ordered:

    Still Hating
    Omega House Tee
    Subtotal: $64.00
    Shipping: $12.88
    Total: $76.88
    10 Deep


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  • Cbswe
    Apr 15, 06:47 AM
    LOL. White iPhone 4 will be the duke nukem forever of iPhones.

    +1 :D

    Does anyone have any id�a how come it took such a long time? Isn't the only difference the color of the plastic? oO

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  • Waybo
    Apr 7, 09:18 PM
    One of the best parts of my recent vacation was swimming with, and hand feeding, the stringrays at Stingray City, a sandbar off Grand Cayman Island where a large population of them congregate. While they look "frisky" here, they were quite gentle, and reminded me of puppies begging for food (squid).
    Olympus S1030SW (R.I.P.)
    ISO 80, 5mm, 0 ev, f/5 1/640


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  • sennekuyl
    Apr 29, 02:17 AM
    This is why Android phones are creeping up on iOS...they are offering more features and constant innovation in the hardware. iPhone users (and I used to be one) only enjoy hardware innovation once a year.

    Maybe we will see an LTE iPhone in 2012, maybe not but I can say with all the certainty in the world that Android will have kick ass dual core LTE phones with large screens and probably something retina like in resolution by then. I wouldn't be surprised to see 12 MP cameras, 2-3 MP front cameras all running Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Where? Not is Oz. the HTC Desire is the last android that actually seemed to be worth buying. The desire HD is okay, but not that good. (plus it doesn't come on the Telstra's stupid NextG network.)

    Most android phones seem to get the reviews: could do better. As far as I can tell, virtually all are regarded at best as just sub-par to the iPhone 4, except the Desire which is even older.

    It pains me as I'd prefer a OSS base over proprietary, and both the HTC Desire & iphone4 seem to be reaching the end of their cycle. Then there is the reluctance of networks to upgrade the software, and the strange lack of syncing with anything other than official supported systems. Possible, but just too hard with plenty of caveats.

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  • wovel
    Apr 28, 12:46 PM
    That low price sells?

    According to your past posts, selling phones at a low price ($49 in this case) is a sign of desperation, of an attempt to flood the market.

    Heck, that's far cheaper than BOGO sales for other handsets where two people have sign long contracts.

    Or, could it just possibly be that people aren't always swayed just by price? That the device itself could be a major factor?

    Are there any carriers not giving away at least one free Android phone...


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  • stcanard
    Jul 11, 04:35 PM
    if MS makes it cheaper than an iPod then Apple might have some trouble. Parents/grandparents who are technologically ignorant will generally buy whatever Bestbuy salesman pimps to them for their kid. So if it is cheaper than an iPod with similar functions then a lot will be bought.

    I think people are very wrong here.

    iPod is the cool thing. It is the brand name. It is what everyone asks for, even if they're using a generic term.

    If you have an identical iPod and identical Microsoft brand side by side, people will go for the iPod, because it is the standard they are comfortable with. Even my grandparents konw what an iPod is. It is the Windows / MS Office of the music player world.

    I know its a hard thing to wrap our minds around, but in this particular space, Apple is the established gorilla and everyone has to fight for the extra mindshare. People gravitate to the iPod, and will look at an MS offering with suspicion. "What does Microsoft have to do with Music? Aren't they a computer company?"

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  • joneill55
    Apr 14, 11:00 AM
    You'd have to be a chump to buy a new iPhone now.

    Every soccer mom and high school girls rejoices. The White iPhone is coming!


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  • extrafuzzyllama
    Sep 15, 09:52 PM
    i have four deskstars already for over a year and still going strong so i didnt want to all of a sudden change hdd brands if they have been good for me

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  • nishioka
    Apr 28, 08:56 PM
    If I look at people with their iphones, i see like less than 5% using anything on their phones. And all of them use the Apple bumper on some iphone 4. I've seen hundreds of iphones in the wild, but I still have to see one non-bumper case in the wild.

    Anecdotal evidence is so exciting!


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  • LightSpeed1
    May 3, 11:28 PM
    Safe to say at this point we will have to wait. Man, I had that upgrade waiting. But then again, what's another three months to wait from the usual release date?

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  • ChrisA
    Nov 4, 05:57 PM
    I can't seem to get the VMWare Tools to install after the "Guest" OS has loaded. I select "Install VMWare Tools" from the Menubar but nothing happens.
    Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

    The "Install VMWare Tools" botton is miss labled. It does not install them. What it does is replace your CDROM with an image file. Try thse steps:

    1) click "Install VMWare Tools"

    2) Go inside your guest OS and look at the CDROM drive.

    3) From Inside the OS install what you find on the CDROM.

    4) Re-boot the guest OS.


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  • plinden
    Oct 18, 04:34 PM
    As always, the iPod is Apple's real cash cow.
    Pity you didn't read the figures before commenting:

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  • SciFrog
    Nov 27, 06:29 AM
    We need these bigadv, ClubLexus has raised their production to match ours...

    For GPU, it is faster on nvidia...


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  • Liquorpuki
    Feb 15, 10:50 AM
    Charlie Sheen is on the short track of life ... soon to depart from this world.

    I actually have a feeling the guy will actually live longer than most of us. Drugs and alcohol have absolutely no effect on this man

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  • ciTiger
    Apr 26, 02:37 PM
    If it's 20$ a year with the whole mobile me plus this I would pay... Just for this I wouldn't...
    But I think this should be ofered free for a one or two year free for any new hard purchases... :D

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  • rxse7en
    Jul 28, 09:19 AM
    And you really think this is a major factor for people buying a 400$CAD - 500$CAD game console?

    Upscaling DVDs to 720p is something I expect from those 30$CAD no-name DVD players in about 6 months.

    No, I wasn't even discussing what SHOULD BE included. I was discussing what was stated regarding the current situation of consoles and HD. What aren't you understanding?

    Jul 28, 08:13 AM
    I don't get the name Zune either...
    I think a better name could be Xune,

    Nov 4, 10:29 PM
    I've reinstalled OS X twice in the last 9 months. The latest being about 3 weeks ago when I upgraded to a 160GB hard drive. There is nothing wrong with my computer. (OK there is something wrong with its sleeping mech but that has nothing to do with performance.)
    Parallels just sucks. Also I�m willing to bet the more you use the disk image and Windows the more parallels slows down. I�ve got a 14GB disk image, a ton of apps loaded, along with being in it every day for 8+ hours, USB peripherals all over the place, network settings for home and work, firewall enabled along with antivirus software. (I can�t use Office 2003 with SAP in OS X.) I probably use it more extensively then most Mac users. The simple fact is the reason why I keep reinstalling the demo instead of outright buying it is because I�m waiting on VMWare�s solution. VMWare is THE industry�s Microsoft when it comes to virtualizing. Just without the whole evilness thing. I�ve used Parallels extensively. I�m not impressed.

    So let me get this straight: You keep reinstalling the demo of Parallels, thereby ripping off the company and not supporting it to make it the best product it can be and keep the company in business, and then you have the gall to come out in public and say as such, and then on top of that you have the even greater gall to say it sucks?

    Oh yeah, your opinions mean a lot to us now, that's for sure.


    I'll reiterate: something is wrong with your computer, and now I can see why.


    Sep 13, 11:15 PM
    threadless has some cool designs. I've been to the store in Chicago.... it was refreshing to be able to try them on before i bought them!

    I bought a pint of frozen yogurt here tonight. Half Ghirardelli Chocolate, half Chocolate Butterfinger. So good.


    Oct 23, 04:07 PM
    This is actually an incorrect report that Microsoft has tried to correct, but it keeps getting reported.

    Not exactly. This is a correct report that Microsoft has tried to cloud and cover up. Essentially, Vista will be licensed on a two-machine basis, with some basic restrictions (like all software has). Nothing new there.

    What's new, and what is actually a correct report, is that MS has addressed the use of their OS in a virtual environment which was never completely addressed before in their EULA and terms of use. Because virtual environments are technically different than system installs, it was a grey area. Now they are explicitly banning such use for users of any version other than the premium level. Whether or not it will be "technically" illegal, but still possible, or if it will be impossible without piracy, remains to be seen.

    It's not particularly earth shattering or shocking one way or the other. All companies have their dirty little ways to make an extra buck or keep you paying them long after you should. Apple does it too.

    From a business perspective, it's really not a terrible strategy by MS if they want to keep customers. The Intel Mac switch has opened the door for PC diehards to take the plunge to a Mac without the risk of being away from their cherished Windows environment. Making Vista difficult, or at least expensive, to install on these new Macs is actually not a bad strategy for MS to keep some customers iffy about making the switch. Sucks for us, but it's certainly not the first time it's been done, by MS, Apple, Adobe, or any other company.

    May 4, 07:07 PM
    Maybe you misunderstood me... I don't care about market share... either hardware share or software share. I don't think it matters how much of one thing there are against another thing.

    You're right... Apple cares about profit... mostly from selling hardware. Which they do... lots of hardware. I think that's more important for a company.

    Apple is, and has always been, a hardware company.

    Google went down the route of putting their software on any device that wanted it... which is why I hate when people compare Android vs the iPhone.

    It's not about you, point is "market share is very important" to Apple. Saying market share is not a goal is just wrong.